December 29, 2017

December happenings

It's the last working day of the year, and in another 2 days it will be 2018! December was quite a busy month for us, with me going on my firm's retreat, 3 weddings to attend back to back and Christmas!

Speaking of weddings, here are some pictures from the weddings we attended in December, 3 Saturdays in a row:

Regina's wedding @ Vistana Hotel:

Elson's wedding @ Olive Tree Hotel

Hubby's cousin Lay Koon's wedding @ Copthorne Orchid Hotel:

After all the weddings, it was Christmas! We didn't go anywhere this year, so we had a small party at home on Christmas eve with our good friends the Tans and the kids' favourite Uncle Steven! He really was Santa Claus that night with all his presents as he walked in the door!

And that big box was for Helene! Inside was a huge teddy bear!

We had a very Asian Christmas dinner - steamboat! Hubby did a fantastic job of setting the table :)

The hosts:

The hosts and guests :)

The hosts and guests and kids :)

Kids with their favourite Uncle Steven!

From our home to yours, have a blessed Christmas and best wishes for 2018!

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