November 18, 2015

Lim family celebration

Hi everyone! I am Helene and I am going to post this blog entry :)

So as you know, Chim Poh looks after me while Mummy and Daddy are working. Just recently, my Ah Chik (Chim Poh's son) got married. His wife is from Myanmar and I call her "jie jie". However Mummy says now that she is married to Ah Hong Ah Chik, I need to call her Ah Chim. But anyway I digress.

As a form of celebration, Ah Hong Ah Chik decided to have a small family gathering to introduce her to our relatives and for her to serve the customary tea to the elders of the family. He used to work as a chef at Sunway Hotel, so the party was held there.

Hannah jie jie, Heidi jie jie and myself got all dressed up in our pretty dresses, and I was so excited! Mummy had to catch me for a nice picture before we left the house. See how excited I was!

See my both jie jies' pretty dresses. My dress and Heidi jie jie's dress were given by Aunty Sue.

And this was my dress. At first Daddy and Mummy thought it would be too big for me, but it fit me just nicely! So it seems I have grown taller :) Since I was wearing a pretty dress, I decided to give a "performance" to entertain everyone haha.

Heidi jie jie and Pei Zi jie jie didn't want to be left out. They couldn't decide if they wanted to sing or dance though :p

Here are our pretty dresses again, Hannah jie jie and Heidi jie jie are posing so nicely for the camera.

But I was too busy running around clapping my hand excitedly. I was so happy that night!

Mummy and Daddy took some nice pictures together too!

And here is Mummy and Daddy with the happy couple:

As a customary tradition, Ah Chik's wife served tea to her in-laws and to the elders. Such a coincidence that her dress and Chik Kong's shirt had the same design! :)

Here is our big happy family, missing a few people though, like Ah Beng Ah Chik who is in Bangkok.

And here is our mini happy family haha :)

Of course, no party would be complete without selfies! Ah Ying jie jie had plenty to share with us :)

Congratulations again to Ah Hong Ah Chik! Wishing you lots of love and happiness now and always!

November 11, 2015

Deepavali 2015

I took advantage of the Deepavali holiday to take a couple of days off, since it's already almost the end of the year and I still have leave to clear. On Friday, I spent the day with my parents and we had breakfast at this quaint little cafe called Pit Stop No. 12 on Chulia Lane. Food was good and the price was reasonable too.

On the Monday before Deepavali, we took the two elder girls up Penang Hill. Hannah has been there once before, but this was Heidi's first time. We arrived around 9.30 in the morning but there was already a crowd waiting to go up the cable car. So I took photos of the girls while we were waiting. Good thing the wait was not that long, though.

The top of the hill seems to have gone through some renovation since I was there last, it looks quite different from what it was before. We took some pictures at the top, but didn't stay long as the day was getting quite hot.

The next day, it was Deepavali. Heidi and Helene had their pavada which my cousin gave them last year. The outfit was too big for Helene last year, but it fit her just nicely this year :)

We went visiting to hubby's colleague's house. The elder two didn't want to go, so we only took Helene. She really had a ball, and even got some nice bangles from the colleague's wife to go with her outfit. She helped herself to muruku and cookies, and even offered them to everyone else, as if she was the host and not the guest!

I managed to grab her for a picture as she was excitedly walking around.

I think I lost count of how many muruku and cookies she ate lol.

And the little girls continued wearing their outfits even when we went to Queensbay mall in the evening. Hannah was actually wearing her "baju kurung" in the morning but wanted to change out of it even before we left the house. She has a certain aversion to "itchy" clothes lol.

Back to work today. We also attended a wedding over the weekend but will save that for another post :)

November 5, 2015

3H at Youth Park

We took the girls to the accessible playground at Youth Park the other day. We had not been here for some time and the last time that Helene was here was almost a year ago. That time, she had to be contented to watch her sisters and the other kids enjoying themselves. This time, she could join in the fun! Check out her happy cheeky face :)

This girl still obliges me with her big smile when I ask her to:

But Hannah, now being a "big girl", no longer has the interest (or the patience!) to put up with her mummy's camera-happy ways haha.

3 little girls, 3 different personalities, but we love them all the same!


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