April 25, 2018

Peppa's biggest fan is 4!

Nobody loves birthdays more than Helene or at least nobody shows that she loves birthdays more than Helene :) So nobody was more excited than Helene to find out that her birthday was coming up!

Since she is a huge fan of Peppa Pig, we had sort of a Peppa-themed birthday for her. My mum bought a banner, balloons and figurines from Australia to give her all things Peppa! Her birthday fell on a Monday, so on Sunday night we had a small party for her at home.

We put up the Peppa banner and balloons:

My mum cooked everybody's favourite food :)

And Aunty who looks after Helene baked these very special buns for her, and delivered it to our house:

Obligatory family pictures:

We just had a simple rainbow cake (the girls' favourite) as her "main" cake would be for school the next day.

She loves to blow the candles:

And she got a card and ang pow from Kung Kung and Nanna:

The next day she wore a pretty new dress from Ted Baker which Uncle Alex bought for her all the way from the UK. She wears designer clothes and I don't haha.

And there's the Peppa cake! We gave the figurines to Jenni and they figured out the rest :)

She was definitely thrilled to see it, as were all her friends haha :)

 As it was her birthday, she got a special hat and tag to wear.

Daddy had to attend court that morning, so Mummy, Nanna and Kung Kung celebrated with her in school.

And then after school, it was off to lunch at McDonald's (where else!)

I had promised Heidi a trip to Amanville at Gurney Plaza, so I thought what would be a better time that to take all of them on Helene's birthday. As it was a Monday afternoon, they had the entire place to themselves!

They definitely had a ball (no pun intended!) Haha :)

Happy birthday our cheeky Helene! We love you lots!

April 20, 2018

Cafe-hunting in Penang: Caze by Buu's Kitchen

So the other night, my friends and I were looking for a place to have dinner, and we did a random search on the internet for new places in Penang which we haven't tried. One of the searches led us to discover Caze by Buu's Kitchen, located on King Street.

The reviews seemed pretty good, so we decided to check it out. It was pouring with rain when we arrived, but we managed to get a (illegal) park right in front of the cafe.

It's quite an Instagram-worthy place - check out some of the photos we took:

We ordered food to share, and it was all delicious.

Buu's Aglio Olio

 Peri-Peri Chicken

Peri-Pineapple Burger

After dinner, we had coffee and cake. The coffees are very reasonably priced, mostly below RM10.

Lemon Pound Cake

Coffee and cake (one more coffee not shown in the picture)

All in all, the total bill came up to RM90 plus, and best of all, there is no GST or service charge! So it was very reasonable for a dinner bill for 3 pax. Good food + reasonable price = we will definitely come again :)

Caze by Buu's Kitchen
Address10A, Lebuh King, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang

April 12, 2018

Heidi is 6!

It's sometimes hard to believe that my little bald baby is now 6 years old, and with a full head of hair haha. So anyway, Heidi turned 6 on the 8th of April, and since it was a Sunday, we had a small celebration in school for her on the Friday before. She wore a pretty dress which was a gift from my parents.

Our cake as usual was ordered from Jenni Cake House and the theme was chosen by Heidi herself. For this year's cake, she carefully collected all the Mr Men and Little Miss figurines from her McDonald's Happy Meals and said that she wanted them on her cake. I must say that they did a good job - it looks like such a cheerful cake, much like our cheerful Heidi! :)

We also ordered cute jellies from Hubby's sister's friend, since Heidi's teacher said not to have any party packs this year.

As usual, we took lots of pictures, until the little boy sitting next to Heidi complained "Why so long" haha. So then we quickly sang the birthday song and cut the cake, so the kids could eat while we continued taking pictures.

Another photo of the birthday girl - the birthday girl or boy gets to wear that special tag around their neck for the day.

On her real birthday, we had a small party for her at home and my mum cooked all her favourite food. Her she is getting an ang pow from Nanna and Kung Kung.

She also requested a rainbow cake from Bread History, so rainbow cake it was :)

Happy birthday sweet Heidi! We all love you very much!

April 3, 2018

Chicken poxed out

So we spent the better part of March battling with onsets of chicken pox. It all started on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year when we found out that 3 of our relatives were having chicken pox when we went to visit! It was a bit too late then by the time we found out so we decided it was no big deal since the kids had all been vaccinated.

Fast forward 2 weeks later, and one morning I noticed some red spots on Heidi's back as I was showering her. It didn't look like watery blisters which are consistent with chicken pox spots, but we kept her back from school, just in case. After we confirmed those were chicken pox spots, she didn't go to school for the next 2 weeks; it was a good thing that there was a week school holiday during that time. Helene dutifully brought back her homework for her to do every day, and I would hand it over to her teacher the next morning when sending Helene to school.

Heidi's case was very mild - she had hardly any spots (maybe around 10 only) and none appeared on her face. You can see that she doesn't look like she's having chicken pox from the photos below. I dressed them up one Saturday in matching dresses and shoes, just for the fun of it :)

Fast forward 2 weeks later, and I saw 2 watery blisters on Helene's hand one night. Uh-oh I thought to myself, here we go again. True enough, more watery blisters started to appear over the next few days and poor girl even had it on her face. Her case was definitely worse than Heidi's, even thought both of them had been vaccinated for chicken pox. She also had a mild fever for the first couple of days.

We put calamine lotion on her to prevent too much itching, and little girl behaved like a champ. She was still cheerful despite having the itchy blisters all over her body.

She's almost all better now - no longer contagious but she is still not going to school until all her scabs have fallen off. After being house-bound for the last couple of weeks, we took her to Gurney Plaza last weekend.

Oh, and someone also lost her 3rd tooth! She lost her first 2 teeth last year just before her birthday as well :)

Now one of Hubby's nieces is having chicken pox - her spots appeared just a few days after Helene's, and the poor girl got it really bad all over her face neck and body. Really a teenager's nightmare. Let's hope this is the last case! 

Update (7/4/2018) - Hannah is now having chicken pox too! So she's really the last one in our family to get it. 


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