April 27, 2016

Helene is 2!

This year, Helene was very aware as to what was a birthday! She knew that there would be a birthday song, blowing candles and cutting the cake! She had been "practising" to blow candles a few days before her birthday, so the day before the actual day, we had a small celebration at home.

As usual, we had our favourite butter cake from Jan's and my mother made some red eggs for the occasion.

She was all smiles when she saw the cake with the candles lighted up.

 And she was even happier when we started singing "Happy Birthday", clapping along with the biggest smile on her face :)

And then it was time to blow the candles! It took her a few tries, but her little puffs and one big final puff put out the last candle!

She was also pretty happy to see the balloons which my dad tied up to decorate the house.

She got her first card and gift from Nanna and Kung Kung.

The next day, it was her birthday! We had a small party for her at our favourite Evergreen Laurel Hotel, where we had her first birthday last year. She was rather sleepy at first as she had just woken up from a very short nap in the car on the way there.

Birthday girl getting a kiss from Daddy and Mummy:

The Lims:

After a while, she woke up a bit and started walking around. Her new dress and shoes were bought for her by Hubby's aunty's family who looks after her while we are at work.

This was the lovely cake which we got for her from YS Bakery, which is owned by Hubby's sister's good friend. We had no idea what the cake was going to look like, as we only told her we want a little "baby" on the cake. It definitely didn't disappoint and was quite the highlight of the day (besides the birthday girl!). It seemed such a pity to cut into it when it came to the time.

 As expected, all the kids were fascinated with the cake.

Us with the cake:

And then it was time to sing the birthday song again! Now was the time that Helene really woke up, with big smiles on her face! One was especially reserved for Mummy :)

And another chance to blow the candles!

Time to cut the beautiful cake!

Little girl had a great time overall with all the eating...

And presents...

And more eating!

Happy birthday to our youngest princess! We all love you so much!

April 14, 2016

Heidi is 4!

This year, Heidi told us she wanted an animal cake. So after looking through hundreds of images on the internet and not finding any to our liking, we decided to provide our own cake-toppers (animal toy figures) and let Jenni do the rest.

As expected, she did not disappoint us.

Little girl was so excited to see her cake, We had her birthday celebration in school and her little friends were pretty excited too!

She obediently clasped her hands and made a wish when her teacher told her to, and then blew out her special number 4 candle! And her hands were still clasped together haha.

These were the party packs which Daddy prepared for her friends. Inside each pack was a little toy animal, in keeping with the animal theme :)

In the afternoon, we took the girls (except Helene) to watch Disney's The Jungle Book - yes animals all the way :). Before the show, the girls posed in front of the different exhibits outside the cinema. Coincidentally, they were all of animals too!

Back at my parents' place in the evening, we had a small party at home with just the 7 of us. My dad decorated the house with a banner and some balloons.

I bought a simple butter cake from Jan's which we all love, and re-used the cake deco from the morning's cake, including the candle!

Happy little Heidi!

Helene was pretty excited too!

And a photo of the 5 of us:

With Nanna and Kung Kung:

Another candle-blowing session:

To Heidi our precious miracle baby;
Independent, cheerful and happy-go-lucky,
With your own distinct fashion style;
Always dazzling us with your signature smile!

On your birthday today you are four;
We look forward to many many more,
It's such a joy to watch you grow;
We love you more than you will ever know!


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