June 29, 2016

Daddy's birthday 2016

Our daddy celebrated the last year of his 30s this year. His birthday is on June 8, but we had a small celebration for him at Amah's house the weekend before. Mummy was away on a business trip so the 3 of us celebrated with Daddy. Our Ku Ku bought pizza and cake, so it was quite a party! She also sent these photos to Mummy :)

This is Daddy's favourite duck chop from The Book Sandwich Cafe.  So they actually ta-paoed it back and it was Daddy's special, one of a kind birthday cake!

There was another cake as well, cheesecake from Secret Recipe :)

On Daddy's real birthday, Mummy was already back from her trip, so we had another celebration together with Daddy and Mummy's friends at Maple Palace restaurant. No pictures of the food, so this the group photo we took outside the restaurant.

One more year to the big 4-0! We love you lots Daddy!

June 2, 2016

Helene vs Agnes

Helene had a haircut about a week ago, and she turned out to have a really cute fringe after that.

We all commented that she looked like Agnes from the movie Despicable Me and even a friend of mine pointed it out when I posted her photos from our recent trip to Golden Sands.

Have a look for yourself :)

My sister-in-law said that Helene;s face is funnier than Agnes'! Haha :)

Helene really is a funny little girl. Would love to post some of her anecdotes here, but the thing is that most of the funny things she says are in Hokkien! So for it to be really funny, you have to actually hear it. She also likes to repeat what we say, and imitate what we do. She is definitely the cheekiest of the three, and she knows she can get away with it!


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