October 11, 2016

Helene's haircut

Just a little detour from our Hong Kong trip posts, as I am still taking time to sort out the photos and remember the events in sequence!

I took Helene for her first proper haircut over the weekend. She never had a proper haircut, just the occasional trim, so her hair was really getting long and uneven.

It was just after lunch and before her naptime, so I prepped her and she was quite enthusiastic at first. So we reached the hair salon (just 2 minutes drive outside our place) and went in. I told the lady that we wanted to get her hair cut, so she got the high stool out. She sat Helene on the high stool and went to get the cloth to drape around her.

At this point, she was still looking around, with no warning signs of crying. However, as soon as the cloth was draped around her, she just burst into tears! Nobody saw that coming so we tried to pacify her the best we could. Surprisingly, the outburst lasted only about a minute and she remained seated. Normally, it is not easy to convince her to co-operate.

The bottom left picture - you can see her eyes were still red and teary, but she willingly sat until the whole process was over, which took quite long - almost half an hour! The final result is in the biggest frame. Her sisters told her she looks like Dora the Explorer haha.

October 6, 2016

Our trip to Hong Kong Day 2 - Hong Kong Disneyland!

Day 2 was the day that all the kids (and I think the adults too!) were waiting for. We were up bright and early to have breakfast at the char chan teng Tsui Wah, which was near our hotel.

We had the famous condensed milk buns as well as a local favourite, macaroni in soup. Hannah liked it very much!

While waiting for everyone to gather, we took photos outside Langham Mall, which was nearby the eatery. Look these two little posers :)

 And here is one of the five of us:

We had to take two MTRs to get to Disneyland. The first was the normal one:

And then we hopped on the Disneyland Resort line which would take us straight to Disneyland! The kids were excited to see the train pull in to the station. The windows and handles were shaped like Mickey ears :)

It was raining when we got there, and it didn't stop raining until almost 4 pm that day (the rain was a light drizzle most of the day), but that didn't dampen our spirits! It was a good thing actually, to keep the weather cool, and there were hardly any queues! There are too many photos to post, so will just post a summary of what we did.

We took photos at famous Disneyland landmarks such as the entrance and Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

And also in front of Toy Story Land and Tomorrowland. The kids looked like they themselves were out of Tomorrowland, dressed in their raincoats :p

We took a ride on the Disneyland Railroad:

It's a Small World ride - the graphics for this was actually really fantastic. Pity we couldn't take nicer photos indoors.

Mad Hatter Teacups!

Slinky Dog Spin - this was pretty fast, but Helene really enjoyed it to the max! When the ride ended, she asked for "one more time!"

Toy Soldier Parachute Drop:

Winnie the Pooh ride:

Cinderella's Carousel:

Hannah and I  went for the Hyperspace Mountain - this proved to be the most thrilling ride as it was an indoor rollercoaster (Star Wars style) at Tomorrowland. 

We also watched a few shows - "Mickey and the Wondrous Book" as well as "Mickey's PhilharMagic". The latter was a 3D show so we had to wear 3D glasses. Heidi really enjoyed this one.

We had lunch in the park, and not surprisingly, Helene was the one who enjoyed her food the most :)

We also watched the Rainy Day parade, which they had in replacement of the normal parade, since it was raining. Heidi was thrilled to see all her favourite Disney princesses :)

We took a walk through Fairy Tale Forest:

The day ended with a spectacular fireworks show, unfortunately again we could not really capture it on camera. So we have to remember it with the camera in our minds :)

And this was my favourite photo of the day. We were fortunate enough to be at the back of the queue, so there was plenty of time for each of our families to take a photo with Mickey and Pluto, as well as a whole group photo, and there was also time for extra hugs for the kids and from the kids! Thank you for the memories Disneyland, it was certainly a day to remember :)


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