April 23, 2017

Helene's birth story

It took me a few days to write this post, but thought it would be fitting to post this on the very day that Helene was born, 3 years ago. We never got around to writing her birth story, so here it is, while I can still remember what happened :)

It was around 6 am on 23 April 2014 when I felt the first contractions. Hubby, Hannah and Heidi were still asleep. So I woke up, took a shower, got dressed, packed the last few things in my hospital bag, packed Hannah's bag for school then woke up Hubby and told him that I thought it was time. He of course panicked and quickly got dressed then carried the girls half asleep to the car. He kept asking me all the way whether we had time to send them to his mum's place or if she should meet them at the hospital. Knowing my fast delivery history, he thought the latter would be a better idea, but I insisted that we could make it. So he drove as fast as he could, good thing there was no jam early in the morning. Incidentally all our babies were born in the early morning. This way Mummy can make full use of the 3 days 2 nights maternity package haha.

We reached the hospital around 7 plus, and I can't really recall, but I think I was already 8 cm dilated. The doctor came and broke my water bag and the contractions got really painful after that. Up to that point it was still manageable. The doctor left the room and for a while it was just me and Hubby and a young nurse who was encouraging me to push once I was fully dilated. So I did. Then an older nurse came in to examine me, and she told me to stop pushing because she could already see the baby's head and the doctor hadn't arrived yet. She actually closed my legs, and said to wait for the doctor to come. Fortunately he didn't take long and then I could continue pushing.

At around 8.30 am, our third little princess was born! You can read and view more pictures here from after she was born.

The one thing that was most striking about her was her red lips :)

This was the photo that the hospital took to put in her medical report book haha.

She was the heaviest of all our babies, weighing 3.28 kg. The other two did not exceed the 3kg mark. Here are some photos of her in the first few days after her birth.

Love this one of her and Daddy!

Happy 3rd birthday our little Helene, we love you very much!

You can read Hannah and Heidi's birth stories here, here and here.

April 21, 2017

Cafe-hunting in Penang: Brown Pocket

There was a day last month when Hubby and I were at Gurney Paragon with Heidi and Hubby wanted to get a hair cut. So while waiting for him, I took Heidi to have waffle and ice cream at Brown Pocket.

It's quite a spacious cafe, on the 6th floor of Gurney Paragon, at the alfresco area outside the mall. We ordered a Triple Chocolate waffle which (you guessed it!) came with 3 types of chocolate, as well as ice cream and strawberries.

Heidi did the honours of pouring all the chocolate on the waffles! I think they make Belgian waffles as there is a crunchy texture of sugar inside the waffles.

Some pictures of the cafe's interior:

Happy Heidi and Mummy!

Brown Pocket Cafe 
AddressGurney Paragon L- 10250, 6-11, Jalan Kelawai, Georgetown, 10250 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Open today · 10AM–10PM

April 17, 2017

Heidi is 5!

Heidi turned 5 on 8th of April. As it was on a Saturday, we had a small celebration for her in school the day before, which was Friday. When we were deciding what cake to have, this creation from Bread History caught my eye. Heidi loves Disney Tsum Tsum, so it was a no brainer that she chose this cake!

Happy girl wearing her new dress from Nanna to school that day. Even though the rest of kids were wearing uniform, she got special privelege since it was her birthday :)

Helene joined us for the school celebrations too, but Hannah had to miss it as she had school herself.

Kiss for the birthday girl from Daddy:

Nanna and Kung Kung were there too :)

Make a wish and blow the candles!

Helene helped to cut the cake :) So happy as if it is her birthday haha :)

The girls stayed the night with Nanna and Kung Kung as Mummy and Daddy had a function to catch and were home late. The next day, Heidi got an ang pow and a card from Nanna and Kung Kung.

And I came over with balloons for the birthday girl!

We couldn't celebrate with her that evening as Helene was admitted to hospital for H1N1 that very same day and I had to stay with her (that story for another blog post!). So Daddy bought her another cake and the 3 of them had a small celebration that night at home. She chose this cake as well, from Jasmine Cakes.

Happy birthday again to our sweet Heidi! Lots of love from all of us xxoo


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