March 31, 2017

Back again at Youth Park

It has been more than a year since we were at Youth Park, and this month, the girls were there twice! Earlier in the month when I was in Hong Kong for work, Hubby took them and sent me this photo. It did make me miss them, and look at Helene's cheeky face!

Heidi the poser:

So last weekend, we went again. Helene headed straight for the slides!

Their cousins came to join them later so just nice 4 people on the see saw. Earlier it was Mummy and Helene on one side, Hannah and Heidi on the other side. Haha.

And then it was time for badminton! 

Malaysia's next mixed doubles pair? :)

March 16, 2017

Helene @ 2 years 10 months

Helene will be 3 next month! I don't know how many times I've said this, but time indeed flies. The biggest achievement which happened maybe around a month ago is that she is now completely potty trained during the day time for both No. 1 and No. 2, way earlier than any of her sisters. We still wear diapers for her at night so that she doesn't have any "accidents" but slowly we are trying to go off that too. When that happens, we can finally be free of buying disposable diapers! Yay!

The older she gets, the cheekier she gets. She thought about doing this all by herself :p

Always a fan of kiddy rides - Tesco is associated with kiddy rides and not with grocery shopping!

She always likes to play with her uncle's ukulele, so we bought her a cheap one from Mr DIY. With those boots, she looks like a country singer in the making :)

And the girls have some new pets! In addition to the breeding guppies we have at home, we now have 2 bunnies - Tony and Sunny. Tony came to us about a month ago and Sunny has been with us almost 2 weeks now. The girls simply adore them, and I must say that they are quite cute :) Now Hubby got his 5 kids which he initially wanted - 3 human kids and 2 furkids!

Exciting times ahead :)


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