July 12, 2018

Hari Raya in KL

To continue our cuti-cuti Malaysia episodes, we ended up going to KL during the Hari Raya weekend. It was a breeze driving down from Penang to KL on the first day of Raya, no traffic and the roads were clear when we reached KL too. Not something usual on a normal day in KL.

I booked a 2 bedroom apartment for us called Laman Ceylon which was very near to Changkat Bukit Bintang and Jalan Alor. It came with 2 car parks so we could park our cars and take Grab to whereever we wanted to go. It was a very nice apartment and the lobby was quite impressive too. We also had a nice view of KL Tower from one of the windows.

There was no planned itinerary for this trip, so we basically just ate, walked and spent time together. We had initially wanted to visit Aquaria KLCC, but looking at the crowds and the queue, we made do with walking around KLCC Park and the playground.

We also visited One Utama, Ikea and The Curve, but mostly it was for the kids to spend time and have fun together.

I thought this was a pretty funny one - all the kids cramped together on the day bed in the apartment with their legs up :)

Of course, since we were living so near Changkat and Jalan Alor, it would be a pity if we didn't take a walk.

My friend Junnie who lives in the same neighbourhood was our tour guide for the evening. We ordered the famous W.A.W. chicken wings at Jalan Alor and we were surprised that they even provided delivery service to our apartment! If we were to wait there to take away, we would need to wait at least an hour.

Even though driving down was a breeze, driving back to Penang on the 3rd day of Raya was anything but. A 4 hour drive took us 7 hours to reach home. Having said that though, we will probably be crazy enough to attempt this again, maybe next Raya? :)

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