August 11, 2017

Adventure Zone!

So at the end of July, we celebrated our friend Chia Yin's birthday and to make it a fun family day out, she opted to have lunch at Golden Sands hotel, followed by a kids' outing to Adventure Zone! The last time we were here was more than a year ago for Hannah's 7th birthday.

Have a look at some of the photos from the birthday festivities:

Of course Helene was at the scene when it came time to sing the birthday song, blow the candles and cut the cake! Haha.

Birthday girl with her family:

And us!

Of course the kids couldn't wait a minute longer after lunch to go and play! At first I put Helene at the toddler area, thinking that she would be too afraid to on the big slides. But before anyone could catch her, she was all the way up on the colourful slides and slid down without even taking a mat! She wasn't afraid at all, and after that, nothing could stop her from following the older kids! She wanted to go on the blue slide as well, but the people there stopped her as she was too small. So daring lol. Even Heidi who was too afraid to go on either the colourful slides or the blue slide last year attempted both this year. So far none of the kids dared to try the red slide yet, maybe next year :)

Here are some photos so you know what I am talking about lol.

Toddler area:

Colourful slides:

Heidi on the blue slide:

After their time was up at Adventure Zone, the kids went outside to play some frisbee.

We ended the day with more yummy food at Sushi Zento. Helene was konked out on my lap by then, but she woke up in time to have some dinner.

I made a short video clip which pretty much summed up the fun day we had!

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