May 15, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

My sister is back from Canberra to celebrate Mother's Day with our mum this year. (And we're going off on a short trip this Wednesday, but that will be another blog post! Can't wait!).

So anyway, after church, we had brunch at Macallum Connoiseurs as my mum really likes the coffee there.

My mum and her 2 daughters:

Me and my 3 daughters :)

With the daddies now:

The cafe had some cakes with Mother's Day deco:

And this was a special apple cake with ice cream called "Poached & Crumbles" which they made specially for Mother's Day. It was quite delicious.

After brunch and after the little one had her nap, we went to Chew Thean Yeang to buy some fish for our aquarium. Look at how happy this little girl was

I also posted this on my Instagram and Facebook - true story!

I received several Mother's Day greetings this morning and in my haste to reply to one of them, I didn't realise that I had responded "sane to you" instead of "same to you" (blame it on autocorrect!). But on hindsight, I suppose I wasn't all that wrong. It's nothing new that our kids can sometimes drive us crazy and it takes a whole lot of sanity to break up fights, clean up messy little hands and mouths, multi-tasking with homework, having eyes at the back of your head and answering endless "why" "what" and "where" questions and all the while keep a straight head while doing it. But although it can drive us in"sane", it is so rewarding all at the time time. To my brood of 3, I am so blessed to be your mummy. And to all mummies, enjoy your day - you certainly deserve it.

And to my own supermum, happy Mother's Day with lots of love!

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